Your Future Shoes – Only For You, Designed & 3D Printed By You

As the 3D printing technology is preparing to rock every aspect of material manufacturing, let us have a sneak peek into the world of shoes which is an important part of our everyday life. We love them, care them and our every step depends upon them.

Photo Courtesy: Adidas

Let us cut the complex technical aspect of 3D printing the shoes & get it straight and simple:-

1. For the first time our shoe will truly belong to us as we will determine every single part of our shoe starting from design, size, comfort, looks, color, material and everything. Simulate it on computer & get it printed from the manufacturer.

2. Our shoe would be unique & made only for us hence we will be more closer to our shoes as from now on it would not be just a shoe but an extension of us. 3D printing would give us choice to design our shoe for very specific activity of ours making them 100% compatible & comfortable for us.

Photo Courtesy: New Balance

3. Is it really true? Well you know Nike, Adidas & New Balance very well, these companies are collaborating with 3D printing technology companies on a very big scale to bring us the 3D printed shoes. Also Nike COO said on record that he can see a day ahead when people will be printing their own running shoes!!!!!

4. Last but not the least, as usual , 3D printing technology will bring down the cost for consumers as it reduces raw material wastage drastically, consumes very less power, low carbon foot print, more efficient & subsequently low packing, forwarding cost.

Photo Courtesy: Nike

So our future shoes would not just be lighter & better but forever ours.

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