Disneyland & The Adventures of 3D Printing

Sounds like a new animated movie but Disney R&D team has been working on a few patents & now they are out with some revolutionary leaps in the field of 3D Printing technology.


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The Disney patents run in a few number but the most incredible one changes the whole idea of 3D Printing process.

The patent is based on stereolithography process & involves projection of mirror image of the target object into the polymer liquid which reacts with light ( of a specific wavelength) & sets in, curing the polymer liquid & we obtain exactly the same product whose mirror image was projected on the polymer liquid filled chamber. The rest of the liquid remains as such & the cured body of the object can be removed.

It is easier said than done but the message is simply loud & clear. This technology has almost wiped out the manufacturing time for 3D printing the objects & has brought it nearly to an instantaneous speed. Output quality & design complexities are not a problem either.

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Some other note worthy, highly technical & industry specific patents from Disney are Coupled reconstruction of hair and skin, Projector drift corrected compensated & Gravity counterbalanced robot etc.

So all in all a great revelation for 3D Printing enthusiasts & great news for the world as these are enormously important steps which would make this world a better place to live.

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