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An analogue camera for all of us is nothing more than an outdated technology but the complexity of its parts & the analogue technology involved, could be learning & testing cure, when it comes to use a present day technology & relive the past by creating it completely from the new technology, starting from scratch.


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3D Printing technology achieved this when a 23 years old digital design student, Amos Dudley, manufactured an analogue camera, completely, with only a 3D Printer. It is very easy said than done as the exploded 3DP camera shown here says it all.



We can easily sum up the power of 3D Printing technology in the words of this young genius Amos Dudley:

“Analog photography takes the sense of a moment and turns it into a tangible image. My 3D printer turns the content of my thoughts into real shape and form. I wanted to know if there’s a more authentic photograph to be found at the intersection of design and photography – so I set out to make a camera with only a 3D printer,”



The design

Like regular analogue cameras, film is loaded via a door in the back of the 3D printed camera. There are two buttons that manually control shutter speed, and is even capable of doing long exposures.


3d printed camera, slo, 3d printing, camera


The lens

Creating a functional lens with a 3D printer was an ambitious goal, as lenses need to be exceptionally smooth in order for light to focus across an imaging plane. To achieve this Dudley printed the lens with transparent resin on an SLA printer, and then put in a lot of post-processing work.


The shutter


The photos

The resulting images from the 3D printed camera are beautiful, with the spherical lens adding a vignetting to the frame that gives the shots a nostalgic, almost spooky effect.


3d printed camera, slo, 3d printing technology, camera


3d printed camera, slo, 3d printing technology, camera


You can find the 3D files to print your own camera here

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