3D Printing Technology – Changing The Dynamics Of Economic Planning & Public Healthcare

The government of India, along with state government of Andhra Pradesh has planned a $6 million 3d printing facility in the city of Vizag. AP Medical Tech Zone is a public private partnership and first of its kind specific to the field of medical device manufacturing.

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Some note worthy features & aims of the project are:

  1. To address the $5.5 billion Indian medical market which is 75% dependent upon imports

3d printing technology, medical facility, 3d in medical, Vizaj

2. To bring down the cost of medical devices & job creation

3. An array of 3D printers covering 1 metal 3D Printer, 2 to 3 SLS 3D Printers, a few SLA / DLP machines, many FDM machines along with high resolution 3D scanners would be installed.

4. 20,000 sq ft space will include state of-art reverse engineering facility and an expert 3D design facility

5. 3D Printing will be used for prototype and batch production of few parts for medical devices which includes medical devices like MRI, ECG, Ultrasound machines, different types of syringes.


3D printing technology is at the forefront of “Make In India” initiative of Indian government & this project is just one of the many upcoming industrial projects in the future.

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