Dial D For 3D Printing & Get Your Home Decor

Welcome to the world of 3D printing, bring life to your home decor & make it alive. It’s not science fiction & we are talking real world. Here’s how –


Move your big couch anywhere in your home as it weighs almost same as your sugar bag.

Designer J Kyttanen solved the heavy cough problem by 3D Printing a geometric mesh sofa weighing just 2.5Kg, also another designer, L.V. Daal took a step further & developed a seat, with 3D printing technology, that moulds into a comfortable cushion according to your own body shape when you sit on it.


A green indoor terra life in the form of indoor garden with designs & shapes as desired by you uniquely.

Now you can 3D print your landscape & obtain a terra firma especially printed for you only. Unlimited designs & huge designs can be made large or small according to your residential space. All this is possible as 3D printing has broken through the barriers of specific raw material and now we can use ink, soil, seed & water as raw material to feed a terra printing 3D printer & obtain green landscape elements of our own choice.



Imagine a lamp that lit up such as to give you the feel of an aesthetic as if a tulip is blossoming. That’s biomimicry.

Yes it’s happening as 3D printed lamps & lighting systems are making their way through. They are not just everyday products because their designs are inspired from nature & all the natural biology surrounding us, hence the name biomimicry. Many other biomimiced products are making their way with the help of 3D printing like seashell inspired ceramics which are smaller than factory fired ceramics but much stronger in comparision.


Ceramic & home decor material designed from sounds & waves surrounding us.

The science behind this possibility is simple, converting one form of energy to other, but the innovation & advancement lies in the fact that what we can’t touch or see(sounds), now we can view them due to 3D printing technology. A sound sensor attached to a 3D printer feeds the receiving sound signals to the 3D printer in the form of vibrations & the ceramic material takes shape just according to those vibrations directed upon it by 3D printer.

The designs for home decor are not just unique master pieces but truly VIBRANT in nature.

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