The Cars of Future: 3D Printing Revolution Awakens

The trillion dollar 3D printing industry has achieved such technological breakthroughs that it is now in a position to completely revolutionize & overhaul the future of car manufacturing & distribution processes.

3D Printed Car

The following points will make us aware that how it is going to happen & the biggest beneficiary would be us, the consumer.

1) Completely customised car for anyone & no dearth of spare parts for any model of any age!!!!!!!!

With additive manufacturing (3D printing), customisation would reach the next level as manufacturers would be able to offer designing and simulation options on computers & immediate start of manufacturing as no assembly line would be required for every model. Feed the design & your car would get printed. Also there would be no need to manufacture & stock spare parts as any spare part would be available any time, only its design should be available, feed it to the 3D printer & voila, your spare part is ready.

2) Manufacturing & product cost will come down

Additive manufacturing is very low on wastage hence no loss of raw material, consumes less electricity, highly efficient than traditional assembly line, very less carbon footprint & all this comes with stronger, lighter & better finished structural output. Over all, drastic fall in input cost & hence lower unit cost.

Strati 3D Printed Car

Strati 3D Printed Electric Car

3) Real time information & quick delivery

As additive manufacturing adds higher efficiency levels at manufacturing plant, real time information of every stage of your car would be available to you & transportation would be faster due to light weight & accurate information of finished products ready to be picked up for delivery.

4) This peek into the future is very near to us.

All above may not be visible to us now but technological advancements, planning & investments are happening rapidly in the background & we would be taken by surprise very soon.

3D Printed Supercar

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